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Dh9,000 a year: Most affordable area to rent in UAE

Posted by Realch on June 21, 2021

Residential property rents have become more affordable in the Northern Emirates over the past one year — mainly due to low demand, high supply and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the overall economy.

Though rents are on the rise in some areas as the economy recovers from the impact of Covid-19, they are still down in most areas.

Average rental rates in Northern Emirates dropped in the range of 3-11 per cent in the first quarter, as compared to the same period last year.

In Sharjah, Asteco data showed apartment rents dropping across the board between three per cent to 13 per cent. The least noticeable drop was witnessed in areas closer to Dubai, such as Al Nahda, where rents fell three per cent in the first quarter of 2021 year-on-year. The most noticeable drop was witnessed in the Rolla area where rental rates fell 13 per cent.

Data showed Sharjah’s Al Butina is the most economical area in the UAE to rent at the moment, with studio apartments costing as low as Dh9,000 a year, averaging just Dh750 a month.

Below is the list of starting rental rates in the Northern Emirates (per annum):


>> Studio:

> Dh9,000 in Butina

> Dh10,000 in Yarmook

> Dh10,000 in Rolla

> Dh11,000 in Qasimiah

> Dh12,000 in Abu Shagara

> Dh12,000 in Al Nahda

> Dh13,000 in Al Wahda

> Dh13,000 in Corniche

> Dh13,000 in Al Majaz

>> One-bedroom:

> Dh12,000 in Butina

> Dh13,000 in Rolla

> Dh13,500 in Al Qasimiah

> Dh14,000 in Al Yarmook

> Dh15,000 in Al Nahda

> Dh15,000 in Abu Shagara

> Dh16,000 in Al Wahda

> Dh18,000 in Al Majaz

> Dh22,000 in Corniche

>> Two-bedroom:

> Dh15,000 in Butina

> Dh15,000 in Al Yarmook

> Dh16,000 in Al Qasimiah

> Dh16,000 in Rolla

> Dh18,000 in Al Nahda

> Dh20,000 in Abu Shagara

> Dh22,000 in Al Wahda

> Dh22,000 in Al Majaz

> Dh25,000 in Corniche

>> Three-bedroom:

> Dh28,000 in Al Butina

> Dh28,000 in Rolla

> Dh28,000 in Al Wahda

> Dh28,000 in Al Yarmook

> Dh29,000 in Al Majaz

> Dh30,000 in Al Qasimiah

> Dh30,000 in Abu Shagara

> Dh32,000 in Al Nahda

> Dh35,000 in Corniche


> Dh10,000 for studio

> Dh12,000 for one-bedroom

> Dh14,000 for two-bedroom

> Dh20,000 for three-bedroom

Umm Al Quwain

> Dh10,000 for studio

> Dh15,000 for one-bedroom

> Dh20,000 for two-bedroom

> Dh27,000 for three-bedroom

Ras Al Khaimah

> Dh11,500 for studio

> Dh16,000 for one-bedroom

> Dh17,000 for two-bedroom

> Dh32,000 for three-bedroom


> Dh13,000 for studio

> Dh16,000 for one-bedroom

> Dh20,000 for two-bedroom

> Dh32,000 for three-bedroom

Source: Asteco

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