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This is how new EDE COVID-19 scanners work in Abu Dhabi malls

Posted by Realch on July 5, 2021

Abu Dhabi: The UAE has overtaken Seychelles to become the world’s most vaccinated nation against COVID-19, according to Bloomberg’s Vaccine Tracker.

The EDE scanners, as they are known, went into use yesterday across a number of malls in Abu Dhabi, after a pilot testing phase at the emirate’s Ghantout border, entry and exit points to Musaffah area, and certain public locations on Yas Island. They are an addition to the rapid testing measures introduced in Abu Dhabi to ensure that residents are as safe as possible from being exposed to COVID-19 and offer an added layer of protection.

“I have had to get my PCR test done very frequently and these EDE scanners are very welcome. I don’t visit malls often, but my family members do. I can rest assured that their risk of exposure to COVID-19 will be reduced because every one who enters a mall has first been screened for COVID-19,” Abdullah Khamis, 60, an Emirati businessman, told Gulf News while out at Al Wahda Mall.

Khamis added that he hoped such COVID-19 screening technology would soon be available to everyone.

“My wife and I both had COVID-19 earlier and we were almost asymptomatic. Given the new variants of the virus, additional protection is very good. Otherwise, it may spread very quickly and silently,” said Dalibor Mirkovic, 37, a personal trainer from Serbia.

Mirkovic has since been vaccinated and he said he greatly appreciated the multiple preventive measures implemented in Abu Dhabi.

Leena Awadh, a 34-year-old entrepreneur from Palestine, had a similar opinion.

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